Amazing Handmade Jewelry Ideas For Every Girl 49
Amazing Handmade Jewelry Ideas For Every Girl 49

20+ Amazing Handmade Jewelry Ideas For Every Girl

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Choosing handmade jewelry can be tricky, especially if you do not know much about it. There are several things that you need to look for when choosing such jewelry. It is not like going to the jewelry store where everything is of high quality (and high price). On the contrary, it is much more fun, much less expensive, and much easier to wind up with something that is going to wind up in the trash in a week. Thus, you need to be careful in making your buying decisions so that you are not throwing money down the drain.

One of the biggest factors in choosing handmade jewelry is quality. Quality refers to the appearance of the piece as well as the durability of it. Some jewelry is made by welding pieces together. Others are made with epoxy or glue. Still other pieces are made with neither of those things, and use instead a method called wire wrapping to make the jewelry.

In addition to the method used to create the jewelry, you need to consider what the jewelry is made of. What type of metal is it? What type of beads are used in making the jewelry? These are important questions to ask. The more durable or precious the metal the better off you will be with the piece. In addition, you want to avoid plastic beads.

Obviously things made of plastic or with epoxy or glue will not be of good quality. If you buy these pieces at all you should not pay much for them. However, many people do not realize that wire wrapping is of higher quality than welded pieces. This is because the welding may come loose over time or with the wrong type of pressure. Wire wrapping on the other hand can last for centuries.

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