Comfy Wedding Shower Brunch Decorations Ideas 11
Comfy Wedding Shower Brunch Decorations Ideas 11

20+ Comfy Wedding Shower Brunch Decorations Ideas

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Whether you’ve volunteered or been appointed to throw a baby shower, it can be a little daunting if this is your first shower. Don’t fret; with just a few simple tips you’ll be a master and have your guests – including the guests of honor – thanking you for a great event.

Every great shower starts with a great baby shower invitation. There are many options for your baby shower invitation. The choices are endless; choose an adorable baby animal or a stylish printed baby shower invitation based on what the guest of honor would like. It is a party for Mom and dad to be so make sure you get some input from them.

Your invitation should also include all relevant information and also some idea about the planned activities and menu. As the nature of baby showers evolves, hosts are now having co-ed showers for both parents and even inviting children. Make sure all guests know exactly what your plan is so they can come prepared.

Traditionally, shower games have been a bit hokey and you might want to consider updating the standard fare. The most important idea behind shower games is to break the ice and get guests talking and mingling. While the focus is the Mom-to-be, there should still be some interaction between guests.

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