Cool Mens Facial Hair Styles Ideas To Try Asap 34
Cool Mens Facial Hair Styles Ideas To Try Asap 34

20+ Cool Mens Facial Hair Styles Ideas To Try Asap

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Ever since the invention of the razor several hundred years ago, man has had the capability to express himself through the art of facial hair styles. Some people go without a beard or any type of facial hair for a number of reasons. Maybe you can’t grow facial hair very well. Maybe you have to be clean shaven for work at all times. Maybe you just can’t find a style that works well for you. Regardless, there are still plenty of men who like to show off their facial hair style.

Facial hair is something that defines men. Women can never really take this away from us. We are the only ones that are capable of growing a good amount of facial hair, and we are the only ones that will look good sporting it. Well, some styles look a little better than others. Let’s go over the major different types of facial hair, from the least amount of hair to the most amount.

Clean shaven: This is for the men who either can’t grow much facial hair, don’t like the look, don’t like the feel or simply look like a goof sporting any sort of style. It is pretty simple to maintain, but requires daily full shaves.

Mustache: Just a strip of hair on the upper lip. This style has been slowly going out of style, and younger men are sporting the mustache less and less as the trend is slowing down. There are some awkward stages in trying to grow the mustache, but once you have it going it looks pretty normal. You still need to shave every day; there is just a little less area to shave.

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