Flawless Eye Makeup Ideas For Teen Style 51
Flawless Eye Makeup Ideas For Teen Style 51

20+ Flawless Eye Makeup Ideas For Teen Style

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When it comes to eye make-up you need to think and then apply because eyes talk louder than words. The type of person you really are can be seen by the type of make-up that you apply on your eyes

It doesn’t really matter if you have brown, hazel, blue, or green eyes but what really matters is how you make your beautiful eyes look drop dead attractive.

Eyes are referred to as the windows to the soul, and can kill with just one glance. Eyes can also smile like stars or fill up with tears but above all, they can express every emotion known to mankind; all you have to do is understand those emotions.

Eyes can be cold and at the same time warm, eyes can reflect the brilliance of the moon or the radiance of the sun, eyes can heal, reveal and kill, eyes can be bewitching and yet mysterious, they can talk of an innocent joy or a tragic loss.

Eyes have a special power that can cast a seductive spell or just be caring and soft; eyes can simply be who we really are!

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