Hottest Jewelry Accessories Ideas For Women 25
Hottest Jewelry Accessories Ideas For Women 25

20+ Hottest Jewelry Accessories Ideas For Women

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Jewelry boxes for women have been influenced by a number of cultures. The African one, for example has a huge history of jewelry that is worn both by men and women. There were, and are a wide range of materials that are used in the creation of African jewelry.

The people of Western Africa for example, used a lot of brass. For the people of Akan, gold was the material of choice. Copper too was used extensively in African jewelry.

There were some unique pieces of jewelry that were created. The ankle bracelets of the Senufo tribe are good specimens. These were designed to look like boats and were worn by men, women and children of all ages. However, being farmers, the men often found these bracelets a hindrance.

Women’s bracelets that had little bells on them were quite popular with the people of the Dan and the We tribes. These were decorative bells and used when people had to dance. The married women of Fulani had uniquely styled gold earrings. These were sticks of gold that were beaten into crescent-shaped designs.

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