Popular Blue Dress Ideas For Lovely Women To Try 07
Popular Blue Dress Ideas For Lovely Women To Try 07

20+ Popular Blue Dress Ideas For Lovely Women To Try

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Winter formal is a dance that takes place between Homecoming and Prom. Because it takes place around the holiday season, sparkles, crystals and sequins are an absolute must when curating your look for the dance. With so many dress options, how are you to choose? Here are some fashion ideas to help you pick the perfect look for you!

First, keep in mind that it will be a bit chilly during the evening. Even those who live in warmer climates experience a bit of a chill during the winter months, especially after sundown. A blazer, pashmina wrap, faux fur coat, or soft sequined scarf will cover you up without cramping your style. Closed toe shoes are the best choice to keep your feet from freezing. If you are wearing a floor length gown, consider thick tights or leggings in a flesh tone. For additional warmth, you can wear a pair of satin gloves.

Dresses of any length and color are acceptable for this dance. Because it is winter, colors of the season do seem to lean towards the jewel tones. However, metallics and icy iridescent white dresses are also appropriate for the occasion. Try a silk or satin royal blue knee length wrap dress with sparkling gold heels and a leopard print pashmina scarf. Carry a glittering gold clutch purse and accessorize with big statement necklaces.

Because the dress is not sparkling, you must add sparkle elsewhere. For a vintage look, a pretty floral fascinator or clip is a perfect addition. A gold floor length off the shoulder Grecian gown is another beautiful choice. High gold heels, a gold headband and a black satin waist belt are a perfect combination. Contrast the brightness of the gold with a black crystal clutch and onyx earrings.

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