Awesome Metallic Nail Designs Ideas For Perfect Look 50
Awesome Metallic Nail Designs Ideas For Perfect Look 50

30+ Awesome Metallic Nail Designs Ideas For Perfect Look

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Seriously. If you have spent the last 10 years, or 10 months simply painting your nails you are missing out, or worse, if you can only afford a professionally designed look for your nails twice a year you are not rewarding yourself. Discover how to do your own designs whenever you want in the comfort of your own home.

Showing off simple nail designs is no longer confined to the first few days after dropping $50 for a manicure (hoping they don’t chip before you can show both your friends as well as total strangers). You should be creating your own designs at home – not only are they cheaper, but you can achieve some very creative and unique looks that last just as long as salon designs – without spending your weekly allowance.

Easy nail designs to start with fall into the following general categories:

Two tone nail polish treatments – basically doing your nails half one color, and half another color. Fairly easy to do and can create some very abstract patterns, but be careful in terms of having a steady hand in getting the lines right.

Adding a shattered affect to your nails with Crackle Nail Polish. Easy, and creates totally unique designs, especially with the almost-infinite variety of color combinations between the solid base coat and the top crackle polish.

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