Awesome Prom Graded Hairstyles Ideas For You 46
Awesome Prom Graded Hairstyles Ideas For You 46

30+ Awesome Prom Graded Hairstyles Ideas For You

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Hair extensions are lengths of hair, which can be attached onto the scalp. There are two types of hair extensions; they can be real or synthetic hair. When attached by professional extensionist and matched to your natural hair texture and color, there is no way of telling that you are wearing these extensions, as they move naturally and mix in with your hair. These are great for thinning or very fine hair because they add body and volume without damaging the hair.

Hair extensions made of real hair are typically more expensive than those made of synthetic materials. This is because wigs and extensions made of real hair are more versatile and long lasting than synthetic hair. Real extensions can be curled, colored, ironed, set and treated, while synthetic hair extensions may not withstand high temperatures set during ironing or curling.

This something you will want to consider if you straight iron or curl your hair a lot. There are a number of wigs and extensions you can purchase that already come straightened or curly, so that is another option to consider as well.

There are various methods of attaching these pieces. Among the methods available are weaves, bonding, metal tubing, heat-shrink tubing, and adhesive-based fusion. Braids, cornrows, twists and locks techniques can be used to affix the extensions, although these techniques are only used when the extra pieces are attached to blend into each hairstyle. Adhesive-based fusion is said to be the best method. However, it is critical to use a professional grade adhesive that can withstand both chemical and heat treatments.

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