Best Orange Dress Ideas You Will Totally Love 08
Best Orange Dress Ideas You Will Totally Love 08

30+ Best Orange Dress Ideas You Will Totally Love

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Orange is one of the brightest and most festive colors for weddings this summer. It is a bold color, but one that is surprisingly easy to incorporate into your wedding. These are some ideas for beautiful orange dresses and bouquets for your bridesmaids.

First the dresses: one of the prettiest trends in weddings is the use of tangerine. It has the freshness of a true orange, but is a little easier to wear. Tangerine chiffon is especially lovely, and it looks great paired with a soft lime green for a citrusy color palette. For a late summer wedding, think about using a slightly richer orange, such as a deep orange silk dupioni for your bridesmaids.

If you are thinking about choosing orange bridesmaid dresses, do give some consideration to the figures of your friends before placing an order. To be frank, a very curvy woman in an orange dress can end up looking a bit like a pumpkin (at least to her own eyes).

There are some simple ways around this dilemma. One is to choose a bridesmaid dress in a print that has orange mixed in with another color, like a cream and peach stripe or polka dot pattern. Another great idea is to choose two main colors, and have some of your attendants wear orange dresses with sashes in a contrasting color, and the rest of your bridesmaids wear the second color with orange sashes.

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