Enchanting Dresses Ideas For Kids 23
Enchanting Dresses Ideas For Kids 23

30+ Enchanting Dresses Ideas For Kids

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To paraphrase Oscar Wilde we all live in the gutter but some of us are reaching for the stars and who more so than the astronauts who actually fly to space.

Astronaut fancy dress is a very popular theme for parties and Halloween and a space suit costume is one that many people are searching for online.

Perhaps they have their own dream to emulate heroes like Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins, the three guys who actually won the space race for the United States.

Undoubtedly those three intrepid astronauts had gazed up at the sky and dreamed of really going there.

Today there are lots of different celebrations where fancy dress is worn, themed weddings, stag nights, Halloween and many others. You may even have a themed Xmas with the parcels given out by an alien and received by everyone dressed as a space man.

Kids especially love dressing up and a birthday party where everyone gets done up in fancy dress is a great way of celebrating.

The problem with kids nowadays is that a couple of cardboard boxes sprayed with glitter paint no longer really do the trick. Thank Hollywood and endless video games but the truth is, kids want realism.

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