Fantastic Haircut Ideas With Beard For Young Men 53
Fantastic Haircut Ideas With Beard For Young Men 53

30+ Fantastic Haircut Ideas With Beard For Young Men

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Have you ever wondered why some guys seem to be able to grow that perfect stubble look? It doesn’t seem fair that they can go with a mountain man look and still look like they’ve got a professional groomer keeping them in style. Let’s take a look at a few male hair removal secrets that will help you get that same look.

One of the biggest secrets when it comes to that perfect scruffy beard is the use of laser hair removal to create perfect defined lines for the facial hair. These days many men are using lasers or electrolysis to remove those few out of place hairs and create perfect lines on their face. Aside from achieving a great rugged look, the permanent removal of hair along the neck also reduces the amount of razor burn and aggravation that can come from wearing a button up shirt and tie to work every day.

To get an idea of some of the costs and expectations of the neck hair removal, take a moment to speak with a dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon. The typical cost for doing the front of your neck is about $50 per session and you should expect that it will take about five sessions to achieve the hair loss that you’re going for. The nice thing is each session only takes about 20 minutes so you shouldn’t have any issue running in at lunch to get the procedure done.

The back of the neck is similar to the front, so if you want to remove those extra lines of hair that start to grow a week or two after your haircut, it won’t be too difficult.

And since we’re speaking about male body hair, one of the biggest issues on guys develop is back hair. Whether it’s a few random hairs or a thick carpet back there, it’s got to go if you want to keep the ladies interested. Unfortunately, the larger area of the back does require more time and therefore has a higher cost per session.

To get an idea, the average back including the shoulders will take about 120 minutes per hair removal session. This can run anywhere from $300-$500 each visit and there is always the possibility that it will require more than the average five visits. So, keep that in mind when you’re trying to decide whether you want something more permanent or you’re willing to stick with the painful waxing.

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