Wonderful Jogger Pants Outfits Ideas For Men 41
Wonderful Jogger Pants Outfits Ideas For Men 41

30+ Wonderful Jogger Pants Outfits Ideas For Men

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In the 1980’s, when fitness awareness became very popular, the track suit was modified into the now-popular jogging suit. A lightweight zippered top and loose bottom pants that are gathered at the cuff became the popular design for jogging suits. These jogging suits also came in different colors, usually bright colors, and in different types of fabrics the most popular of which are the knitted fleece, stretch velour, knit pique, and stretch terry. Newer fabrics came into the jogging suit construction such as Dri-fit, CoolMax, Thermax, and others. These new fabrics have wicking characteristics as they allow perspiration to easily escape and evaporate outside of the clothing material thus keeping the jogger dry and cool at the same time.

Men’s jogging clothes can be worn separately or as coordinates. The top parts can be mixed and matched with the bottom parts so it is very unusual to find joggers wearing different colors on top and another color on the bottom.

Men’s jogging suits are dependent on the weather when the jogger will be going out for his runs. But it is not a problem anymore as you can find in the market different kinds of jogging suits that fit different kinds of weather conditions be it the blazing heat of summer or the blizzard conditions during winter. Running shoes, which are essential parts of the ensemble, come also in different styles to suit the weather. There are mesh materials for summer and water-proof tops for jogging in the snow. Jogging accessories are also determined by the weather conditions such as gloves or mitts for summer and mesh hats for summer jogs.

For winter jogging, men’s attire must be layered to protect the body from the extreme cold condition on the road. The first layer of clothing must be a wicking base that must be made from synthetic material which will wick the perspiration away from the body while keeping the body dry and warm. It is not advisable to wear cotton as the base layer because it will get wet and stay wet when you perspire, chilling you as you go on your jogging run. The second or middle layer must be heavier than the base layer to further insulate the body while still wicking the moisture outward. This layer must be loose fitting and must easily be removed if the weather condition fluctuates. The third and outer layer must be a jacket or a vest that must be windproof and waterproof but lightweight and breathable to allow perspiration to evaporate. Gloves and mittens could be added for further insulation.

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