Stunning Short Haircut Ideas For Women Over 40 08
Stunning Short Haircut Ideas For Women Over 40 08

34 Stunning Short Haircut Ideas For Women Over 40

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It is only when women reach their much dreaded 40th birthday do they realise it’s not a bad age to be! In fact you could say it is the best period in a woman’s life. You don’t jump into anything blindly but at the same time, you don’t spend inordinate amounts of time weighing pros and cons. You are definitely more self-assured and you tend to take decisions in a much faster and mature way.

The forties is when women tend to cut their hair really short as they feel they can’t quite carry off Rapunzelean tresses without raising a few eyebrows. But this need not be the case; there are several celebrities who have maintained their long locks well into their fifties and manage to look absolutely gorgeous.

There is a perceptible sense of urgency that assails 40+ women that they have very little time left on their hands and they want to cram in as much as they can in each day. One thing which they are more likely to do is experiment with their hair. Those with short hair try growing out their hair, and those with lovely long hair, cut it really short.

Something else that entices these mature women is to change the colour of their hair and use rich highlights. It is like they have finally realised that it is just hair and if it doesn’t suit them they can always change the style or colour, which doesn’t come easily to younger women.

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