Creative Spring Summer Outfit Ideas That Will Inspire You 25
Creative Spring Summer Outfit Ideas That Will Inspire You 25

30+ Creative Spring Summer Outfit Ideas That Will Inspire You

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The warm season is finally here, and that means it’s time to upgrade your wardrobe according to this years new style. Every major fashion designer presented their collection giving us a sneak peek into the latest trends. Some decisions were predictable, and followed the line and expectations from previous years, but others surprised the whole industry.

If you prefer classic styles that are a couple of decades old, you will be happy to welcome the return of the sixties, years when many fashion traditions were broken. Dresses with the shapes specific to the sixties make a reappearance in 2013, and they are expected to be a huge success.

Minimalist clothes with simple lines are still very popular, as long as they are paired with cool colors. In contrast to them you can find asymmetric dresses with bold shapes and color combinations, big graphic prints and even slogan shirts, making color clashing a definite trend of the spring-summer season.

Pastel colors are favored by every designer for the spring-summer collection, and if we have to choose a color to represent this season it has to be blue. Black and white is of course a timeless color combination, and it’s used every single year. If you chose black and white you might as well choose stripes. Jumbo stripes are a big hit of the season, and you can be certain that this pattern doesn’t go out of fashion in the next couple of years.

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